Karmageddon 6

K:VI - Return Of The Joini

Saturday, 6th of December 2008

Meet at 12 Noon, Leicester Square, London

Questions / Comments? email k6@joinees.org

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Where To Start - Getting to The Pub - FREE PUB TICKETS are very important

If you need help on the day, ring the K6 Hotline - 07941 84 84 83.
(Please put this number in your phone before you start your journey to K6!)

Once again, Joinees from all around the world are converging on London for an afternoon of Group Wandering and RAoKing, followed by Going To The Pub.


The basic plan for the event is:

  1. Meet up at Leicester Square for 12 noon (please note: this is different to past years)
  2. At about 1pm, we'll Group-Wander along Regent Street / Oxford Street and do whatever Random Acts of Kindness we can. Feel free to bring some wrapped presents to give out to the general public!
  3. Once the time is right (somewhere around 3pm), we'll go to The Pub where a bunch of awesome stuff will happen - including a raffle and various other activities designed to raise money for good causes. (You'll need a TICKET)

There's a whole load of extra info on the forum - including: an important note about under-16's, some of us are going skating on the Friday night.




Where to Start

The day will start in Leicester Square, please try to get there for 12 noon - we'll be moving on from there at around 1pm for the Walky-Roundy Stuff.

Yes, this is a change from previous years.




Getting to The Pub

This year's Pub is The Pitcher And Piano (10 Pollen St, London, W1S 1NQ) - it's only just off Regent Street and also very close to where we went last year. For a map and the usual excessively detailled directions with photos, see the K6 PubNav.

You will need a Free Pub Ticket in order to get past our Amazingly Effective And Lovely Door Staff. We will have a small supply of spare tickets available on the day (when we initially meet up), but please print and bring your own if you possibly can.

Once we're all safely at the pub, there will be a bunch of charity-fundraising type stuff going on. We will not be collecting money from the General Public during the "walking round outside" stuff. The pub will be serving a range of very nice food (kitchen will be open until 10pm)

Unfortunately, due to the venue's license, we can only welcome under-18s before 6pm. After 6pm, the pub is 18+ only.

(If you are arriving later in the day and coming directly to the pub, Oxford Circus tube is closer.)




Free Pub Tickets (IMPORTANT!)

Because the pub-party part of the proceedings is going to be a private event, you will require a Free Pub Ticket to get in to the pub.

Tickets are free and self-service, through The Web Ticket System. No ticket, no entry.

If you have any problems with the ticket system, email k6@joinees.org. If you aren't able to print your own tickets and bring them with you, please either arrange with someone else for them to bring a ticket for you, or email us and we'll provide you one for collection at the start point.

If you're coming directly to the pub later in the day and won't have a ticket with you, please immediately email us to say so, and then call the K6 Hotline when you arrive outside the pub (07941 84 84 83).